I don't even know your name...

Normally, I don’t put up with this from anyone, EVER. But when we started dating, he was not like the rest. We had fun, lots of fun, and her really seemed to care – but I guess that’s all in the past now. My soon-to-be ex boyfriend loved for me to dress as slutty as possible so he could parade me around in front of his beer buddies at frat parties and such. Today I chose a black, lacey cami top with a cute little heart shaped opening in a very “strategic” location (and no bra, of course). I wore my favorite skin-tight jeans and finished my look with a simple pair of black pumps complete with five-inch heels. I loved walking around the room knowing that every guy was looking at me, wanting me – and dick-head liked it too. He loved getting “caught” with my hand in his pants while we were making out.But this is now the second time he has stood me up. We were supposed to meet at this party and he didn’t even bother to show up, what a bastard. Now I was just feeling foolish, every guy in the room has checked me out at least once or twice, but the thrill seems to be gone. All these guys were just a bunch of beer guzzling Neanderthals; except one…

I’d never seen him before, and I didn’t know his name – I didn’t care. He looked out of place. Slender, but not too skinny, average face; nice, but not a movie star, he would be my prey. I shot him a coy glance. When he saw me looking, I grinned and looked away. Moments later the scene repeated. I tipped up my cup – making sure that he could tell it was empty. He caught the hint. Moving across the room, he seemed like a shy little boy. “Can I get you another drink?” he asked. “Yes, please” I said, trying to reciprocate his shyness. We locked eyes for a moment and then I quickly looked away and giggled. I was trying hard to reel him in – I really wanted to use him to get revenge on my boyfriend, but I didn’t want to be too forward and scare him off. He turned and headed to the keg, returning moments later with full cups for us both. “I’ve never seen you before” I said. “I’m just visiting the campus” he stammered “my cousin goes here”. He was blushing, I couldn’t believe it; the poor little guy was blushing. Of course, this made me want him all the more – “Lucky boy” I thought, I was going to give him a time to remember. “It’s loud in here; do you want to go somewhere?” I asked. I was blushing too and really turning on the charm, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to play the goofy girl. He nodded at my suggestion, and I giggled again. I knew this area pretty well, so I steered us toward the back door. Just outside there was a small yard and a hill that lead down toward little stream. Beside the stream we found a weathered picnic table, but it wasn’t long until drunken party-goers spilled out into the yard. Their yelling and shoving was an unwelcome disruption to my scheme; time for plan “B”.

I took his hand, “c’mon” I suggested. With that, we headed down a small path. Inside of a few short moments, the foliage, the stream and the birds drowned out the din of the party. We were alone, and I felt my excitement growing. Just a hundred yards or so down the path I spotted a tiny trail leading up to a ring of evergreen trees. It was a place I knew well; I spent many a quiet moment there – studying, reading or just relaxing – it would be perfect for us! The trail seemed to dead-end into some trees, but we pushed aside a few branches and suddenly found ourselves totally isolated. The circular clearing inside was about thirty feet across with a fallen tree trunk that ran through the center. All around us was nothing but a dense curtain of green branches and the bright sun shone down bathing us in light. My body buzzed with anticipation. No doubt about it; I was horny – very horny, and I wanted some cock.

I started to make small talk, but to my surprise, he was having none of it. Instead, he grabbed me by the hips and pulled me close. As we embraced, I looked deep into his eyes for only a moment. His desire was as strong as mine – we both knew it wouldn’t be long. He kissed me deeply, passionately while his hands moved up and down my body. I felt him take hold of my ass, pulling my hips toward him. Then he moved them up to the small of my back. All the while, his hips churned against me as his tongue explored my mouth. My goodness, we were both getting very hot! His kisses moved to my earlobes, then to the nape of my neck and back again as one hand began to explore beneath my little cami top. He gently cupped my firm, smallish breast with his hand while his fingers pinched my tender nipple. The surest way to get me hot as hell is to play with my tits – my nipples are sooo sensitive. I couldn’t wait to feel his tongue on my breasts, so I wasted no time in removing my cami and tossing it aside. In a second, he removed his shirt, knelt before me and began sucking my titties. First he kissed one nipple, then the other. Each touch of his tongue sent waves of electricity racing through my body and deep into my nether-reaches. Each tender kiss on my nipples transformed my simple desire into an all out cock lust. My loins ached to feel his hard dick inside me.

After a few minutes of this, I pulled away and took a seat on the fallen tree. I reached up, grabbing his hips and pulling him toward me. I struggled to contain my excitement as my fingers fumbled with his zipper. Finally, I opened his trousers and freed his cock from its confines. I was pleased with what I found. Pleased, but not overwhelmed. His cock was nice, long but not too long – thick but not too thick, in short – it was just right. I licked the palm of my left hand a wrapped it around the shaft and slowly pumped it. I heard him moan softly as his cock stiffened in my hand. I then held his cock against his belly and began to lick. I started with his balls and licked up the shaft to the tip. I repeated this several times over, making sure that I gave every bit of his cock and balls a long, slow tongue bath. Droplets of clear pre cum began to form at the tip. I guided his cock to my nipples and deftly painted them with his juices.

At this point, it should be noted that there are few things I love more than a hard cock in my mouth – and we both were ready for that. I parted my full, red lips and relished the feeling of the velvety head sliding past them and over my tongue to the back of my throat. I pulled my head back, tickling the very tip of his cock with my tongue and then took him full again in my waiting mouth. I grabbed his hips and pulled him toward me, driving his cock deeper down my throat until my nose rested against his tuft of blonde pubes. Over and over again I slid my lips up and down the length of his shaft. I felt his hands resting against the back of my head – he could have just fucked my mouth right then and there and I would not have minded a bit, but he held back and allowed me to work at my own pace (also fine with me). My mind raced as I sucked him – I was wishing that my dumbass boyfriend could watch as I gave a total stranger the best blowjob of his life. Saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth as I devoured him with loud, slutty slurping sounds. I loved every second of this, but just then I felt his body tighten. I reached up, gently cupping his balls in the palm of my hand. I love cum – make no mistake – and I was ready for it, but all I could think was “WOW!” as hot, steamy cum erupted in my mouth and I greedily swallowed every drop I could. His hard cock continued to spasm until I could not keep up. I pulled his cock from my mouth, continuing to stroke it with my hand. Drops of cum fell onto my chin and down to my tits, it was divine.

If it all would have ended there, I would not have minded a bit. Goodness knows, most men I’ve been with would have needed a beer and a nap at this point. I looked up at him, sweat covered his body, his chest heaved and to my surprise (and delight) his cock remained hard. There was a look of desire in his eyes that melted me. I could not believe that he was ready for more. I know I was. Hell, I was already planning to go home and fuck myself silly, but it seemed that those plans have changed.

I said, in my sexiest voice, “Would you like to fuck me?” His voice came out in a whisper, “yes” he said. Moving quickly, I unfastened my jeans and rolled onto my hands and knees. Reaching back with one hand, I lowered them just enough to expose my tiny, pink anus. Then I wiped some of his cum from my chin and used one, ruby red fingernail to coat my puckered hole with it. “Fuck me here” I moaned, “I want you in my ass”. Now remember, I said that there were few things I liked more than sucking cock and getting butt fucked was most definitely one of those things.

In an instant, I felt him level the head of his cock against my quivering hole. His cock, still slick from the blowjob, pressed anxiously against me. I felt my pulse race as my desire consumed me. I let out a low, guttural groan as the head broke through my tight ring. He continued to enter me, inch by agonizing inch. He never stopped or paused, instead he slid his cock in with one very, very slow stroke. I soon became aware of nothing but the sound of the pulse pounding in my ears and the hard cock in my aching ass. For a time, I didn’t know if I could take it – no had ever entered me this way – I loved it!

By now, I really wanted shit-head to see me; down on all fours, cum dripping from my chin and nipples, a rock-hard cock in my ass. He always wanted me to be a slut – and now I truly was. “Fuck me!” I pleaded. He did, HARD!. His strong hands took hold of my hips as he drove himself into my butt with reckless abandon. Each powerful thrust found new depths, and drove me to new heights. I grunted, groaned and pawed the ground like an animal. He was amazing; he fucked me better, harder and longer than anyone ever did before. The next several minutes were a blur of pain, excitement and extreme sexual pleasure. My body shook as I came again and again. At one point he stopped and left only the tip of his cock inside me. I tried to push myself back against him, desperate to feel his full length deep inside me again. He held me fast so that I could not move back, “FUCK ME!!” I howled. He responded by ramming my ass even harder and deeper than before. For many more minutes he continued his relentless assault on my insides. I moaned like a whore in heat, like the whore I am. Just then – with one last unimaginably deep thrust, I felt him inseminate my asshole. Jets of hot cum filled me with a satisfaction such as I had never known.

We fell together, resting on the ground, bathed in sunlight. We laughed as we spooned, his cock still inside me until it fell totally limp and slipped out. Then, for a time, we lay in silence. “I suppose we should get dressed” I said, not really wanting to. “Yeah, at some point we should” he said with a chuckle. “They will wonder about us” I said, “but I don’t really care”. As we dressed, he looked again into my eyes. “I don’t even know your name” he said. I smiled and replied, “I know”. “Will I see you again?” he asked. I just shook my head no. He finished getting dressed and walked over to me. He took my hands in his and gave them a gentle squeeze. He softly kissed me. Then he turned and disappeared through the trees.

Sometimes I like to imagine that he still thinks about me. I often wonder where he is and how he’s doing. I wonder who he is with and if he fucks her as good as he fucked me. There have been times over the intervening years that I have regretted not running after him, but I know it was better this way. That day in the clearing remains one of my fondest memories. For one day, I found my perfect man. I can’t help but masturbate when I think about it. Yes, I still wonder about him, but mostly, I wonder if he ever figured out that I am a transvestite.

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My Story - I don't even know your name...